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Postcolonial Digital Humanities: Praxis (Proposal For MLA 2015)

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  Below is our submission for a Postcolonial Digital Humanities roundtable at the Modern Language Association at Vancouver, B.C. in January 2015. The roundtable will be presided over by Adeline Koh. Postcolonial Digital Humanities: Praxis  Precis: This roundtable explores the role of praxis in the academy through the fields of postcolonial studies and the digital humanities. […]

#DHThis: A Peer Review DH Experiment

DHThis a Peer Review Experiment Adeline Koh Rutgers Jan 2014 from Adeline Koh This is a presentation on #DHThis that I gave at the Feminist Digital Pedagogies conference in January 2014. #DHThis is a peer review experiment in the digital humanities that attempts to give voice to a larger, more diverse digital humanities public. Read […]

#MLA14 Session Picks

Below I list the panels I hope to attend at #MLA14; I’ve chosen them with a special eye towards race, gender, postcolonial studies, the digital humanities and pedagogy. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend each one as many are scheduled each other in the same slots, but I will be reading the Twitter feed […]

From Print to Digital: Reconfiguring Postcolonial Knowledge

From Print to Digital: Reconfiguring Postcolonial Knowledge  The following is a lightning talk that I gave at two venues: (1) the “Decolonizing DH” panel at the Modern Language Association annual meeting in 2014, and (2) at “Sorting the Digital Humanities Out,” a workshop convened by Patrik Svensson (@patriksv) at HUMLab, Umea, Sweden. I am currently working […]