CFP: Race and the Digital Humanities (MLA13 Special Session Proposal)

Panel Convener: Adeline Koh, Assistant Professor of Literature, Richard Stockton College

This MLA special session panel will focus on discussions of race, ethnicity and access within the digital humanities. Scholars such as Alan Liu, Tara McPherson and Lisa Nakamura have argued that cultural studies approaches and methodologies have been consistently overlooked by much of Digital Humanities scholarship.

“Race and the Digital Humanities” will explore how race and ethnicity are important structural categories of analysis in the digital humanities. How do race and ethnicity factor into questions of access within the digital humanities? How are digital humanities tools calibrated to take into account the effects of race and ethnicity? How is race configured in different types of social media? How can silences and ellipses in discussions on race in the digital humanities be mapped onto privilege in whiteness studies? Finally, how are newly emergent movements such as #transformDH (‘transform digital humanities’) creating change in this methodological divide, and in which fields?

To be considered for this special session panel, please submit a one-page abstract and CV to by 9 March 2012

Link to CFP on MLA website:

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